Michael Lorenzen – RHP

The former position player Lorenzen transitioned to pitching smoothly following the decision by the Reds to make him a full time pitcher. With little experience above Double-A, Lorenzen made a strong impression, making the team out of Spring Training in 2015. His pitches have good life, but have not fully translated into a high strikeout pitcher. At times, Lorenzen also gets wild and runs up the walk totals. Lorenzen suffered a major setback to kick off the 2016 season, with an elbow injury. The ailment also put him on the 60-day DL at one point. The hope was that they caught the UCL strain before Tommy John surgery was needed. While he worked mostly in centerfield in college, Lorenzen had a fastball in the high-90s and even up to 100 in short spurts of relief. The Reds started off Lorenzen in just that role of relief, but eventually moved him into a starter in 2014. As a starter, Lorenzen typically topped out in the mid-90s with the fastball. He also mixes that with a nasty slider in the low- to mid-80s that helps put hitters away when needed. He also mixes in a two-seamer, with a slightly slower speed, but much more movement.

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