Reds sign T.J. Friedl to record undrafted free agent bonus

Due to a mix up that led to T.J. Friedl from Nevada-Reno going undrafted, the Reds pounced quickly.

Since the Reds had the most draft pool bonus money remaining, they were able to offer Friedl a record $735,000.

What mainly created the dilemma for Friedl, was being redshirted in 2015. Friedl then enjoyed a breakout season for the Nevada-Reno, hitting .401 with a 1.057 OPS. He added three home runs, 35 RBI and 13 stolen bases.

Despite Friedl being three years out of high school, he was draft eligible. Despite what would be a high draft stock, and a likely top two-round pick, Friedl went undrafted because teams were not aware of his status.

After deciding to play for Team USA, Friedl drew some attention, and teams discovered his status. Since he was undrafted, he was a free agent to sign with any teams. Since the Reds, had more than $700,000 to spend from their draft pool without incurring a loss of a future draft pick, they were able to make the best offer.

Friedl is a 5-foot-10 outfielder who has excellent speed and a lot of tools at the plate.

He will start the season with Billings after the signing.

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